A Home Watch Company Can Benefit Your Homeowners Insurance.

Depending on your homeowners insurance company, you may have to purchase a “vacant home” policy in order to cover a home that is unoccupied for a period of 30 days, such as your vacation home in Florida.  Sometimes these policies have additional clauses and will require that you keep the house and grounds maintained, the utilities active and for someone to inspect the property on a regular basis. Insurance companies feel that a home left vacant for a certain period of time is a higher risk for burglars and disasters like mold or water leaks from hot water heaters or AC units. Should a claim be filed, the insurance company may interview your neighbors and check utility bills, ask if someone has been watching your home on a regular basis (weekly) to see if your home is considered vacant.

This is where we come in! If your homeowners insurance company requests that you get regular inspections of your property, direct them to our website. Our services satisfy the requirement of having regular inspections and that you are in compliance with your insurance policy.

We use sophisticated software for our home visit reports to prove that a home visit was performed and can show that to your insurance company if needed.

Make sure to closely review your insurance policy for its compliance requirements. Should you need a Home Watch company to take care of your home in your absence to satisfy all clauses on your policy, contact us! We are there to make sure your home stays safe in your absence.